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Boy Scout Troop 633 Simi Valley Troop 633 is located in Simi Valley California and chartered by Simi Covenant Church. We meet most Monday evenings from 7:30-9 at the church. Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming events.

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Final Chess Merit Badge Meeting

Attention all Chess Merit Badge Members! The last meeting will be on August 11th, so remember to bring all the chess games you have annotated. Remember, you must have at least 3 annotated chess games on, and one game against a live opponent. Remember that all these games must be annotated and you must bring those annotated notes in! Bring a bluecard and pen so that you can finish the merit badge. If you have any questions, you may contact Stephen Burt. Thanks!

26 July 20140 Comments

7/20 PLC

Latest PLC Info.

Cool Breeze Ride – Aug. 16th

Deep Sea Fishing – Aug. 17th

Cooking Merit Badge – Aug. 4th

Annual Planning Meeting – Aug. 18

July 28th meeting- Dessert will be provided by the Badgers, flags will be presented by the Snipes and the game will be hosted by the Sabertooth’s

August 4th – Dessert will be provided by the Knights, flags will be presented by the Thundercats and the game will be hosted by the Olympians

August 11th- Dessert will be provided by the Trojans, flags will be presented by the Green Bar and the game will be hosted by the Knights.

17 July 20140 Comments

Ryan Hur’s Eagle Project Fundraisers.

Ryan Hur will be holding two fundraisers to raise money for his eagle project. The first will be held at the Habit, on Tuesday July 29th, 2014 and will run from 4-9 pm. Please present this flyer to the cashier if you attend. The second fundraiser will be held at Baja Fresh, on Tuesday, August 15th, and will run from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm. Please present this flyer to the cashier if you plan to attend. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ryan Hur. Hope everyone can make it!

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Sierra Nevada Recap

What a great weekend of backpacking! Friday night we watched a meteor shower and awoke to a beautiful sunrise on Dome Rock. On Saturday we strolled along the Trail of 100 Giants. Check out the video of the two sequoias that fell in 2011 here.  We put on our backpacks at Lewis Camp and hiked to the Little Kern River bridge, then on to Trout Meadows. At camp we rested then played cards, chess, and 3 Flies Up before turning in for the night. A bear visited the camp, but all the food was in the elevated bear bags, so he moved on.  On Sunday we left the campground better than we found it and hiked with great determination uphill to the trailhead. Overall we hiked over 15 miles with an elevation gain of 3,000 feet!

Sierra Nevada Photos

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June’s Schedule

After our most recent PLC, we have come up with our future schedule for the meetings. Just a quick heads up, there will be NO troop meeting next Monday, the 26th  due to Memorial Day. The following week, June 2nd, there are troop elections, followed by the Court Of Honor, on June 9th. As a patrol, you should have an idea of who has their job for the week, and EVERY boy should know what their patrols duty is. With that being said, on the 2nd of June, Snipes have Games, Trojans have Desserts, and Badgers have Flags. On the 9th the Sabertooths have Dessert duty. Any questions or concerns, you may contact out SPL: Landon Burtchell

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Chess Merit Badge

Attention to all Scouts signed up for the chess merit badge!
We will be having our first meeting with the counselor on May 12th. Please print out and bring the chess merit badge , bring a blue card, and be prepared, the lesson will only be 40 minutes. We will only be having two meetings, so make sure not to miss this one. Any questions or concerns you may contact Timothy Burt 

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Sierra Nevada Backpacking trip May 23-25

Join us in the land of giants. The area we will be exploring has huge mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons and the world’s largest trees.

Scouts will need to pack a sleeping bag & pad, food, and the 10 essentials. The troop has backpacks available to scouts who need them. Hiking, orienteering, and fishing activities are planned. There will be a trip planning meeting on May 12th.

More information is available in the flyer. The trip contact is Eric Luke.

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2014 Camporee Information

The 2014 Ventura County Ronald Reagan District Camporee will be held on April 25th-27th, and it promises a jam-packed, fun-filled event. In the past, Troop 633 has received many awards and ribbons and to continue our success, we would like to follow some things below.

Please review the General Information Sheet, and note the following:

1.) T-shirt money and orders are due Monday, Feb. 24th.

2.) Registration fees are: $20 per person if paid before Feb. 24th, anything after will be $30.

3.) Each scout, and adult needs to print, complete, and submit all forms. Here is the Scout’s Form, and here is the Adult Form.

Please also note that pack inspection for all scouts, (first class and under), will be held on Thursday, April 24th at 7:30pm in the Simi Covenent parking lot.

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Matilija Recap

What a fantastic weekend of backpacking! The trail was in good condition, with plenty of shade and water crossings. We arrived on Saturday and hiked 5 miles to the campsite. Once camp was setup, scouts enjoyed exploring the area and playing games. We enjoy beef stroganoff and chicken fajitas for dinner, and ores and roasted marshmallows for dessert. On Sunday we left the campground better then we found it and enjoyed great views hiking downhill to the trailhead. See you on the next backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains in May.

Matilija 2014 Photos

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OA Elections on March 31st

Order of the Arrow elections are coming up, and are going to be held on March 31st.  If you are interested in joining, we are asking you to attend our troop’s upcoming Monday meeting, for eligibility to be elected. As always, the elections do ask for some requirements, including: Being at Least 1st Rank, Having Completed 15 Days And Nights of Camping with the Boy Scouts Within the Last 2 Years, Including One Long-Term Camp of 6 Days, and 5 Nights. The remaining must be short-term. Along with this; Scout Must Have Scoutmaster Approval, and The Troop Must Have at Least 50% Attendance on Election Day. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: Stephen Burt.